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[11 Apr 2007|06:47am]

Pen Name:Bookchan
Video Title:House of the Rising Sun
Song/Band:The Animals/House of the Rising Sun
Episodes: Season One
Character(s)/Pairing: Logan, LoVE
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): Character Exploration
Summary: This in an attempt to examine Logan's character and his relationship to Veronica and his parents.

Other Notes: This is my second VM vid and any critique is good/wanted. I have a bad tendency to go, ok looks decent, up it goes and ignore any problems with it. Even general stuff like, Eh I didn't like the beginning is really helpful because it makes me go over the begining and try to find what the problem with it is. Of Course the more specific the advice is the better I'm able to see what I'm doing wrong ^_^

Thanks! I hope someone here can help me.
This is a link to the draft at google video
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[16 May 2006|12:51pm]

Pen Name: aftersolong
Video Title: Cleareyed
Song/Band: Cleareyed by Glen Phillips
Episodes: 2.22
Character(s)/Pairing: LoVe
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): Shipper, Drama
Rating: Um... PG for shooting and kissing?
Summary: Logan's connection with and support of Veronica in 2.22. The song is just gorgeous.
Other Notes: This is the first video I've made, and I wasn't going to make more because I really hated WMM, (I'm used to working with pro audio programs that are incredibly precise) but I found that we actually have some better software, so I'm thinking about re-doing it. I've posted it, but I'm thinking it probably has some big issues. I haven't had any feedback on it, and what I'd really like to know is (1) whether the concept is worth pursuing, and (2) where it needs drastic improvement. I'd be very grateful to anyone who can help me out. =)
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Panic Prone - Logan Echolls [02 May 2006|06:42pm]

Pen Name: Leanna aka lightofshadows6
Video Title: Panic Prone
Song/Band: Panic Prone by Chevelle
Episodes: All up to Episode 220
Character(s)/Pairing: Logan Echolls (w/ some Aaron, Lynn, Lily, and Veronica)
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): Character, Drama
Rating: G
Summary: A look into the people Logan has lost and the relationship with his father that he feels has led to each.
Other Notes: Well, this is my 2nd draft of this. The first time I made it and then watched it, I found some mistakes so I went back and fixed those. And now, I've finalized it as a movie once again. I can't say that I perfectly fixed all the little nitpicky stuff but I wanted to get perspective on the overall "feel" of the video as well. I had an original concept on where I wanted to go with it, and hopefully all the scenes I included fit well with that concept but I'm not sure...so I'd love for someone to beta it. I also have quite a few voice overs and amplified sound effects (i.e. picture taking sound, and glass shattering sound) that I was wondering were too soft to hear, or too loud that it distracts from the video. Actually, any feedback I can get would be preferable. (p.s. @ 1:36 - there's a "blink of the eye" error that I'm aware of, lol). Thank you in advance to whomever decides to beta this for me :D
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[09 Apr 2006|01:26am]

Pen Name: indiechicdcfc
Video Title: Maybe You Can Owe Me
Song/Band: "Maybe You Can Owe Me" by Architecture in Helsinki
Episodes: Through 2 x 17
Character(s)/Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): shipper
Rating: PG to PG-13
Summary: "...but it's awful complicated and you're warning me to beware."
Other notes: The only things I'm really concerned about are the timing and the clips I used because, in all honesty, I'm not sure if they fit perfectly. Thanks in advance.
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[09 Dec 2005|12:03pm]

Pen Name: wickedripeplum
Video Title: Gold Digger
Song/Band: Gold Digger - Kanye West
Episodes: 1x01 - 2x09
Character(s)/Pairing: Kendall Casablancas, Kendall/Logan
Genre: Comedy, character study
Rating: R for language and nudity
Summary: I ain't saying she's a gold digger. Oh wait, yes I am.
Other Notes: For the sensitive I used one of Charisma Carpenter's Playboy photos. It only shows a little ass and nothing else, but it is a nude photo so be warned.

Also, I'd appreciate that whoever betas this pays special attention to the second verse to see if it makes any sense at all.
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[27 Nov 2005|01:24pm]

Pen Name: Jeannie_Bean137
Video Title: Shapeshifter
Song/Band: Shapeshifter/ Josie and the Pussycats
Episodes: Through 2X08
Character(s)/Pairing: Duncan/Veronica Featuring: Duncan/Kendall, Duncan/Meg, Logan, Mac, and Wallace
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13 (I think)
Summary: Duncan is a shapeshifter. He goes from being Veronica obsessed to dreaming about Meg, he morphs from a Mr. Happy-go-lucky to depressing Radiohead listening borderline psychopath, and finally from "adorable honest boyfriend" to secretive manipulative cheater. What is up with this guy?
Other Notes: If special attention could be paid to the few manipulated scenes. I'm afraid that they might be too exaggerated even though I tried to only do things that were likely to happen anyway. I don't want him to seem a whole lot worse then he actually is. Thanks.
Link: http://s6.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3BHS6UY22MYET1ZZV3554PZM1E
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[11 Nov 2005|07:49pm]

Pen Name: wickedripeplum
Video Title: Self-esteem
Song/Band: Self-esteem - Offspring
Episodes: 2x01 - 2x05
Character(s)/Pairing: Logan/Veronica, Veronica/Duncan, Wallace/Jackie, Logan/Kendall, Logan/Jackie
Genre: comedy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's less love triangle and more love vomit.
Other Notes: If special attention could be paid to the timing near the end and if that worked well it would be much appreciated as it looks to me like it's off a little bit, but it might be that I've looked at this so long I've actually lost my mind. More generally I'd like to know if the video keeps up the energy of the song and if the theme really fits.
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Looking for Fresh Eyes [08 Nov 2005|04:44pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Pen Name: siklilgrl/Rae
Video Title: You Came Along
Song/Band: A Glorious Day/Embrace
Episodes: Up to VM 2x04
Character(s)/Pairing: L/V
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): shipper
Rating: PG
Other Notes: roniabirk gave me some feedback already but would love for a few more eyes to take a look. I've got it pretty much where I want it with the exception of one scene I'm trying to change up a bit. Now I just want to know if it flows ok, fits the music/tempo, etc. Much thanks in advance!

ETA: Hmm, well the comment disappeared so I'm editing the post to say that a link to the video can be found at my journal. Thanks!

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[02 Nov 2005|09:31am]

Pen Name: Hinkle
Video Title: Plans
Song/Band: "Plans" by Bloc Party
Episodes: All of Season 1
Character(s)/Pairing: Duncan/Veronica
Genre: I guess shipperish - I was trying to get across how D/V had all of these plans together for the future or what not and how happy they were. But alas, so much crap has happened to them they have become numb, distant, angry, etc and that they are a lot alike and could be of comfort to one another. Something like that...kind of. Let me know if it comes across at all on video.
Rating: PG-13 for the violence I guess
Other Notes: If you prefer to email your thoughts my email address is omyhinkle@houston.rr.com

Can be found at http://s54.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0M3C3OAUQEJF208YRR32E0W9W0

Thank you for taking at look.
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Monthly Video Summary [29 Oct 2005|12:55am]

Had your video betaed here and want to show it off. There will be monthly summaries of the videos betaed through vm_videobetas. You are not obliged to have your video posted in the monthly summary, but if you want to be included, leave a comment to this post which includes the following information.

Video Title:
Date Final Video Posted:
Link (can be a direct link to the video, but it's preferred that you link to the post in you lj, neptune_video, or where ever you have the full video information posted):
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[28 Oct 2005|06:49pm]

Welcome to the Veronica Mars Video Beta Community.

Obviously the community is not up and running yet. I need to iron out a few details about how this will actually work so that everyone will be served in a timely manner, but I don't get overwhelmed with work. If you have ideas or would like to volunteer to help send me a line, suggestion are greatly appreciated.
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