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Panic Prone - Logan Echolls

Pen Name: Leanna aka lightofshadows6
Video Title: Panic Prone
Song/Band: Panic Prone by Chevelle
Episodes: All up to Episode 220
Character(s)/Pairing: Logan Echolls (w/ some Aaron, Lynn, Lily, and Veronica)
Genre (shipper, drama, experimental, whatever): Character, Drama
Rating: G
Summary: A look into the people Logan has lost and the relationship with his father that he feels has led to each.
Other Notes: Well, this is my 2nd draft of this. The first time I made it and then watched it, I found some mistakes so I went back and fixed those. And now, I've finalized it as a movie once again. I can't say that I perfectly fixed all the little nitpicky stuff but I wanted to get perspective on the overall "feel" of the video as well. I had an original concept on where I wanted to go with it, and hopefully all the scenes I included fit well with that concept but I'm not sure...so I'd love for someone to beta it. I also have quite a few voice overs and amplified sound effects (i.e. picture taking sound, and glass shattering sound) that I was wondering were too soft to hear, or too loud that it distracts from the video. Actually, any feedback I can get would be preferable. (p.s. @ 1:36 - there's a "blink of the eye" error that I'm aware of, lol). Thank you in advance to whomever decides to beta this for me :D
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